About the Artist

Howard Spielman’s varied careers span over three decades and have garnered him awards in every one, whether as an art educator, writer, creator and executive producer of television shows or fine artist.

He began his working life as an art educator. A partnership with his brother Ed Spielman (the creator of the original “Kung Fu” TV series) resulted in the creation of numerous TV shows. The most notable of these is “Dead Man’s Gun” for Showtime. “Dead Man’s Gun” received three Cable Ace nominations, including “Best Dramatic Series”, three Western Heritage Awards for best fictional television and was selected by the Orange County Register as “one of the top twelve series on the air”.

Upcoming Exhibits & Events

Howard invites interested collectors to his Port Charlotte, FL home studio by invitation. To set up an appointment, Contact Howard

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Featured on Partnership for the Arts Talk Show

Howard Spielman Joined Dave and Michelle, hosts of Partnership for the Arts Podcast to discuss Howard’s book, “A Good Day, Confessions of a Reformed Pessimist” and more.

You’ll laugh along as he recalls one of the many hilarious misadventures he’s written about including “A Day at the Beach” which, of course, was anything but that. Next up, they discuss his unique style as a successful Digital Artist. Some works that have sold have taken hundreds of hours to render. What is a digital artist? Well Howard does a wonderful job of describing all that’s entailed and, believe us, it’s a lot. Then we move onto Howard’s life as a TV writer and producer. So listen in and enjoy Howard’s Masterful Story telling of his life’s adventures- You’ll want to listen to this episode again and again!

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