A Good Day by Howard Spielman

A hilarious memoir of many true misadventures, this book chronicles my metamorphosis from pessimism to optimism. Some of the experiences contained in these pages are uniquely my own. I recount the time that I sank (not intentionally) a rowboat occupied by my wife and her non-swimming grandmother a half mile off the beach with no life jackets on board and no one in sight. This event, while quite upsetting at the time, fortunately turned out to be a really funny experience. Other misadventures I’ve had, such as the day I spent a lifetime at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, or my tribulations with a credit card company from Hell, are experiences that many readers will easily identify with.

Written as a series of humorous short stories I explore a bumbling journey which ultimately led me to experience an optimistic transformation with the unlikely assistance of a Pelican and a friend.

With important self-help observations along the way, this book is the most fun you can have for under $20. Available on Amazon, or get your signed copy directly from the author.

About the Artist

Howard Spielman’s varied careers span over three decades and have garnered him awards in every one, whether as an art educator, writer, creator and executive producer of television shows or fine artist. Learn More about Howard HERE.

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